GT-7 (2 Piece). This is a SevenK iteration of a commonly found design. the GT-7 2P is a two piece construction wheel, which utilizes our advance forming outer rim barrel and center disk. There are several advantages to 2-piece wheels, such as:  greater stiffness-making them more suitable for track use; custom offset fine tuning (1mm increment)-which allows each customer to achieve their perfect desired fitment; our signature style one-piece seamless barrels also offer the unique ability for customers to remove their centers without even dismounting the tire from their wheel- this allows for easy refinishing and the ability to change center designs altogether at the customers discretion. By using a seamless barrel for our 2-piece designs, we here at SevenK have eliminated the biggest problem commonly associated with modular wheels, which is air leaking from the barrel seams.

We have a wide range of diameters and customization options available. Inquire for more information & prior to ordering

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