Disc Diameter 360mm (14")
Disc Thickness 32mm (1.26")
Disc Material Cast Iron
Bracket Material Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum
Weight (per rotor) 21.5 lbs (6 lbs savings relative to OEM)
Disc Finish Zinc Chromate plated
Hat Coating Type III Hard Anodized and Teflon Impregnated
Min. Recommended Wheel Diameter 18"


RR RACING'S two piece floating rotors are also 2mm thicker than OEM IS-F rotors for enhanced stability and greater thermal mass at the braking surface. In addition to the added thermal capacity and superior durability, these rotors save approximately 6 pounds of rotating weight per wheel, all while giving your IS-F the race car look and function. 

The same rotors that have been successfully used on NASCAR race cars, we Zinc Chromate plate our rotors for greater durability and for preventing ugly rust rings, we engineer and make the hats from aircraft aluminium and coat them with type III Hard Anodized and Teflon Impregnated coating to preserve their look and function for a long time (please refer to Tech Specification tab).

Please note that 1 item is sold as a pair of left and right rotors (i.e., two rotors).

All components in this product, with the exception of the brake rotor castings, are engineered in the USA


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