Gecko Racing


He Ruien International Limited of Taiwan are the manufacturers of GECKO Racing Coilovers. While previously focusing on OEM suspension and dampers for vehicles involved in the mining industry all of which are made to the TUV Standard and levels of Quality control. GECKO Coilovers are developed with real world testing on varying road conditions and temperatures, and must meet a strict level of comfort and handling parameters prior to going into the manufacturing process.

All GECKO Racing Coilovers, G-Street, G-Street Plus & G-Race versions are a monotube constructed coilover design. The manufacturing process of a monotube is more precise and time intensive that many of our competitors who use a more basic twintube design

All Macpherson strut type suspension comes with optional top pillowball mount on G-Street models. Hydraulic oil used is sourced from French manufacturer known for their motorsport involvement - TOTAL Quality NOK Seals used throughout and cold rolled SAE9254 Steel springs are used for their reliability.

All models listed are G-Street's unless noted. Optional Pillowball mounts when applicable (G-Street + Pillowball top mount = GECKO Racing G-Street Plus) Price and specification on GECKO Racing G-Race is available by contacting us, Ph: 1300 114 993 or email us,

Actual suspension will vary from photographs and is dependant on configuration from factory. Eg MacpHerson Strut, Double Wishbone, Trailing Arm, Multi-Link.


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