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WINMAX was started in 1984 and has been developing performance braking solutions under meticulous engineering standards, allowing them to be certified under ISO9001, ISO14001, and ECE Regulation No. 90 brake parts manufacturer.

Ongoing R&D, and feedback from Japans top Motorsport teams have allowed them to develop the W Series of performance pads and the CIRCO Competition range.

Winmax are the brake pad of choice for Monster Tajima, Lada DTM 2016 and 2016 Rally Argentina WRC Winner, Hayden Paddon with Hyundai Motorsport World Rally Team

Winmax is renowned for their excellent ability to modulate at the limit, consistent pedal feel under all conditions and low rotor / pad wear compared to their respective peers in the market

Winmax W3 - Low Metallic. Temp range: 0˚C to 650˚C. Avg Friction: 0.34µ - 0.37µ

W3 Suits performance street cars, highly modified street cars

Winmax W5 - Metallic. Temp range: 100˚C to 750˚C. Avg Friction: 0.40µ - 0.43µ

W5 Suits highly modified street cars, track day, lightweight track cars. MX5, Evo's, WRX etc

Winmax W6.5 - High Metallic. Temp Range: 50˚C to 800˚C. Avg Friction: 0.47µ - 0.50µ

W6.5 Amazing all round compound. Highest cold bite from W Series, High powered street cars, Gravel & Tarmac Rally. Hillclimb, Track, WTAC. Big torque from cold, ideal where limited warming of brakes available. 

Winmax W7 - High Metallic. Temp Range: 100˚C to 850˚C. Avg Friction: 0.48µ to 0.53µ

W7 Suited to big horsepower track and/or road cars. Mid to heavy weight. Progressive torque. AWD Gravel & Tarmac rally cars, Commodore & Falcon track cars

Pad shape and compounds listed here are usually in stock within Australia. For any other compounds (W1, W2, W4 & W6) and/or pad shapes can be ordered in ex-Japan at no extra charge.

On occasion after placing an order, we may contact you advising an ETA on brake pads arriving from the manufacturer. If orders are time critical, please get in touch to confirm stock availability. If you would like to discuss options and availability, please contact us via Phone: 1300 114 993 or Email us 

Prices listed are for the normal class of pad for each particular pad-shape. There are exceptions to all Standard, TYPE-A, and TYPE-B shapes which inccur extra costs (eg. multiple pads per side) Please contact us via Phone: 1300 114 993 or Email us

*Photo's are for illustration purposes only

Quantity of 1x is for 1 Axle Set (4 pads) *2x Axle sets required for complete car


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