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Brake pads of choice for the 2016 Bathurst 6 Hour Production Car 1st place outright, WRC Factory driver Hayden Paddon, Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR Team.

Circo by Winmax are Official suppliers to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship and now used by some of the most competitive teams on the grid today

Circo Racing Brake Pads are designed for the world of competition where absolute performance is the most important factor. The technology and quality of Circo Racing Brake Pads is absolutely top notch, manufactured 100% in Japan by Winmax Corp to strict specifications based on real world R&D in Nascar, WRC, Sportscar, Japanese GT and more.

The Circo Racing Brake Pad range includes compounds suitable for all competition fields, from club level through to national and international level motorsport.

Currently Circo pads are only available in most Alcon, AP Racing, Brembo & Harrop shapes

M111 (Temp 180˚C to 780˚C - Avg Friction 0.31µ to 0.49µ) is a racing brake pad designed for circuit racing cars with brake booster fitted. This compound starts at relatively low friction levels to take away ABS interference early in the stop. A very consistent pad with good modulation combined with low wear rates make this an exceptionally good value competition brake pad. Ideal for GT Cars, Production Cars ie GTR, Porsche GT3

M127 (Temp 150˚C to 850˚C - Avg Friction 0.45µ to 0.55µ) is a pure circuit racing brake pad for enthusiast racers right through to semi-pro level. With some initial temperature introduced, this pad works right through to 850 degrees! High initial friction coupled with brilliant release characteristics mean this pad is for the drivers wanting to brake latest. Ideal for Circuit and Sprint, Fast Mid-Heavy Weight Cars

M119 (Temp 50˚C to 800˚C - Avg Friction 0.48µ to 0.51µ) is a specially formulated brake pad for gravel and tarmac rally use. The compound has been rigourously tested in top level machinery including WRC, S2000 and GpN as well as historic and modern tarmac rally use.More recently the M119 has received praise and a following in local Time Attack events due to it's unique levels of cold temperature friction, stable and consistent torque across the whole effective temperature range and resistance to fade. Ideal for Tarmac / Gravel Rally, Sprints, High Horsepower Hillclimb and Time Attack style events

M207 (Temp 250˚C to 920˚C - Avg Friction 0.45µ to 0.56µ) is the “Heavy Duty” brake pad in the CIRCO range. This pad has exceptionally consistent torque characteristics at all temperatures making this pad a must have for professional circuit racing at the very highest levels. M207 is extremely capable at higher temperature level points where other compounds simply give up. Used with current success at the Bathurst 6hr in 2016 taking out 1st and 3rd Outirght Used extensively within the Touring Car Masters field to great praise. Ideal for Top Level Motorsport, Powerful Mid-Heavy Cars, Vehicles needing greater thermal capacity in their pads

Prices listed are for the normal class of pad for each particular pad-shape. There are exceptions to all Standard, TYPE-A, and TYPE-B shapes which inccur extra costs (eg. multiple pads per side) Please contact us via Phone: 1300 114 993 or Email us to discuss and confirm exact pricing and availability

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