Alcon Calipers



We have available a large range of ALCON Advantage high performance street calipers, Road/Track and Motorsport specific to suit all of your performance needs

2 Piston Calipers: CLR, CRR

4 Piston Radial mount: CAR98, CAR36, CRH304, CRB332, CRK355, CRB356

6 Piston Radial Mount: CR6380, CR6400 GT4 

And more, talk with our sales team to discuss the best application for your needs

Understanding Caliper prefix -

C - Caliper

R/L - Radial / Lug Mount

R/H/K/B - Pad Shape R, H, K or B

*** - Max rotor diameter

XX - Max rotor thickness

YY/ZZ - Piston Diameter

EG CRB356/32-38/41 - Radial Mount, B-Type Pad, Max dia 356x32mm Rotor, 4 Piston Caliper 38.1mm & 41.3mm pistons

Prices are for Individual calipers - 2x calipers needed per axle set. if you need assistance working out which configuration of leading/trailing please get in touch with our team



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