Spax RSX Coilovers

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SPAX has been designing and manufacturing performance suspension for over 50 years. We believe that when you do something for long enough, you get it right

SPAX only makes suspension for cars. We do nothing else and we are passionate about what we do.

SPAX products are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures that must comply with TüV standards, the highest European Legislative Certification.

All SPAX products come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

All SPAX dampers are gas pressurised. RSX dampers are filled with high pressure Krypton gas to further enhance their performance. Krypton’s thermo-dynamic properties ensure there is no fading of the damping action. Low speed ride quality and high speed performance are BOTH improved.

RSX COILOVER kits now incorporate Stainless Steel height adjusters to ensure that you can adjust the ride height for many years, without the risk of corrosion and seizure. We use only 100% Top Quality Stainless Steel.

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