New released or new to Racing Ready Motorsport listed below 

24 August

POWERBRAKE Big Brake Kits - Featuring CNC Billet calipers in 4 or 6 piston configuration, and selection between Street or Race spec. 325mm to 380mm kits will be listed here over the next couple of days. If you cant wait, send us an email for details

16 August

Hit the drop down menu and look at the range of AST Suspension just listed with 3x versions including the extremely affordable 5300 Series 3-way adjustables. Who are AST? They have been around since 2000 mainly in Europe working with touring and saloon cars and have recently purchased the MOTON Brand. Headquarters are in Holland where all the top end dampers are hand assembled.

AST 5100 Series 1 Way Adjustable Rebound - STREET / TRACK

AST 5200 Series 2 way Adjustable Rebound & Adjustable Compression with remote reservoir - STREET / TRACK / RACE

AST 5300 Series 3 Way Adjustable Rebound & Adjustable Fast / Slow Compression with remote reservoir - STREET / TRACK / RACE / PROFESSIONAL 

25 June

Newly released from RSV Forged is 2x new 3 piece Forged Lightweight wheels - RS17 and the RS18. Both are crafted in the USA from 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Alloy to exacting standards. 18in through 22in and widths from 8.5in to 14in wide, custom PCD and offsets. Choice of brushed alloy finish or bespoke solid or transparent powdercoating

Also an increased range and reduction of existing prices for Alcon Brake components. Check out our braking section for Alcon Advantage Extreme Kits, Alcon Superkits and also individual calipers to create your own performance upgrade

Federal Motorsport new Evoluzion ST-1 available in limited sizes. Highlighting the new EVOLUZION ST-1, a road worthy performance tyre that expands off the 595 series of tyres. Like the other options in the 595 line, the new ST-1 will have a track-developed tread design, high-grip compound to deliver extraordinary handling with budget in mind.

Check out our wheel and tyres section for whats currently available, with the range increasing each month


Achilles Radial 123S - ATR K-Sport & GS 328 Motorsport Tyres Available

MOTON Suspension Technology has now just realeased their 2way Clubsport, 3way Motorsport and top of the line 4way Pro Motorsport for Porsche 991 GT3 & GT3 RS


RSV Forged Wheels from the USA. Entirely crafted 3 piece wheels made from 6061-T6 Aerospace grade Alloy with full custom bespoke options - Click Here for more info

Girodisc - OEM sized 2 piece rotors with alloy bell for reduced unsprung weight and increased performance - Click Here to view the entire range


Moton & AST Suspension technolgy - Hand assembled 2way and 3way motorsport dampers from the Netherlands - Multiple WTCC winning suspension. AST Coming soon but for Moton - Click Here

Stoptech Trophy Calipers - Billet CNC'd 4 and 6 piston calipers for Race and High performance applications. Contact us via email to discuss options