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Winmax Brakes - 100% Made in Japan to exacting standard

Brakes of choice for Monster Tajima and WRC factory Hyundai Driver Hayden Paddon

Don't just take our word for it, here is some feedback from our clients

"Hey RRM, thanks for the Winmax they've arrived and had them in for the last couple of weeks. I must admit I was a little concerned about you recommending the Winmax W6.5 for my Honda, but holy s**t these are just unbelieveable! I'm a late braker and hard on previous pads, but these just grab time after time, ... no matter how hot they get (or cold) they are just so consistent! My mates in GTR's and STi's cant believe how much I'm picking up on them through heavy braking! .. They'll be getting the same when they need pads!" David, Civic Type R

"Love the W6.5! My partner hates tho lol! allows me to brake at the last minute, .. scares the s**t out of her. She refuses to get in the car with me now, .. not sure if thats a good or bad thing?" - Jeremy

"(Winmax W4) Anyway, got them home by 7:30, and was on the road bedding them in by 9. Can't get over how good they feel already"

"I cannot believe how well the organic W2 & W1's pull up 2000kg of car! no squeal, no dust and great feel. I can only imagine how well anything W3 and higher work - E38 BMW"

"The pads were brilliant! Huge levels of stopping power, great feel and easy to modulate. Great improvement over the previous Ferodo DS3000's - M119 & W5's on 500+HP Skyline"

See for yourself

If your required brake pad isn't listed, please get in touch. Winmax has thousands of listings from old classics to modern muscle